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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs daily from 08.10am to 08.40am for children in years1 to 6 and is designed to ensure that pupils have a breakfast before school. We have not changed our Breakfast Club pricing for many years, however we can no longer afford to offer this at the current prices. With effect from the 1st April 2019 we have no choice but to introduce a £1.00 per day charge per pupil charge. Your child must have £1.00 to pay on the morning that they attend, or you are welcome to pay £5.00 for the week in advance. For the £1.00 we will be able to offer the following meal:-

  • Slice of toast or Pancake or Crumpet or Bagel or Cereal
  • Yoghurt pot or tube
  • Squash
  • Piece of fruit

There will be some extras to purchase priced between 20p-30p, so you are welcome to provide your child with extra money in addition to the £1.00 per day.