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Staff Area

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You can find the dates of all class assemblies below.

Please arrive at the office at 2:40 for a 2:45 start. Assemblies will last approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

Following the assembly, the children will be dismissed from the classroom at 3:15 by the class teacher as normal.


6P Tuesday 24th September

6S Tuesday 1st October

5T Tuesday 8th October

5B Tuesday 15th October

4S Tuesday 5th November

4DS Tuesday 12th November

3B Tuesday 19th November

3H Tuesday 26th November



2F Tuesday 14th January

2R Tuesday 21st January

1G Tuesday 28th January

1L Tuesday 4th February

6P Tuesday 11th February

5B Tuesday 3rd March

5T Tuesday 10th March

6S Tuesday 17th March

4S Tuesday 24th March

4DS Tuesday 31st March



3B Tuesday 28th April

3H Tuesday 5th May

1G Tuesday 12th May

1L Tuesday  19th May

2F Tuesday 9th June

2R Tuesday 16th June

Year 2 Moving Up Assembly Tuesday 14th July

Year 6 Leavers Assembly Thursday 16th July