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We have had a great start to the year and are all very happy and settled in our Nursery classes.  We are learning to work together, to share and turn-take and are having lots of fun using all of our favourite toys and activities. 

Our Nursery classrooms allow us to explore and learn securely and safely. There are areas where we can be active and some where we can be more quiet and rest. The classrooms are set up in learning areas, where we are able to find equipment and resources independently. The Nursery has its own enclosed outdoor area and being outdoors offers us opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors. We have a chance to explore, use our senses and be physically active and exuberant. 

We are very creative through all areas of our learning, not just through the arts. The adults support our thinking and help us to make connections by showing genuine interest, offering encouragement, clarifying ideas and asking open questions. We can access resources freely and are allowed to move them around the classroom to extend our learning.

Recently we have really enjoyed reading and exploring a variety of exciting texts.  These include ‘Messy Martin’, ‘The Crayon Box that Talked, and ‘Leaf Man.  We have been involved in activities relating to these books that cover many areas of the curriculum and have been learning the terms ‘title’, ‘author’, ‘illustrator’ and ‘cover’. We will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction (information) books this term.

We are looking forward to taking part in lots of great Christmas activities in our classroom and we will be able to share these with everyone at home via the children’s Tapestry accounts.

Below, you see what we will be learning this half-term, as well as some activities you can be doing at home.

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