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At Linton Mead we recognise that children learn through play and first-hand experiences.

So far, this year in Reception we have been enjoying a variety of different books, particularly Mary Poppins. We will be reading this book during the whole school project in Spring 1 and using to story to ignite our imaginations and create some brilliant pieces of descriptive writing, some art work and even learning some songs.

In Maths, we have been using Numberblocks to learn and understand the value of numbers. The children use their new knowledge of numbers throughout our school day in almost everything that we do. Whether that is counting our building blocks or timing each other during races in the playground. We have also been working very hard on the Mastering Number program, using these short lessons to give us a deeper knowledge and understanding of the value of number.

We aim to ensure that as much learning takes place outdoors as well as inside and we offer a curriculum where children discover learning is fun. Each learning area is set up so that the children feel at ease with choosing their own resources, and developing their own activities with peers. This enables them to become motivated in their own learning.

Reception is made up of two classrooms and a large outdoor area. In Reception both teachers work closely with all of the children across the year group. We have many areas that the children can take ownership of their own learning including spaces where they can explore, be creative, have quiet time and learn securely and safely. The areas that the children independently use are: woodwork, creative/making, reading, writing, music, construction and water. Most of these areas are available inside and outside.

In addition to these areas we have many large areas outside where children can develop multiple skills, these include, a mud kitchen, gravel pit, monkey bars, climbing frames, mini beast hotels, water play, planting areas and a sensory garden.

Each day we have set carpet input sessions where we cover, phonics, literacy and Maths. We also have other times in our timetables where we learn about other areas of the curriculum i.e. music and understanding the world.

Below, you see what we will be learning this half-term, as well as some activities you can be doing at home.


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