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Staff Area

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Year 3

Year 3 is a cohort of energetic, enthusiastic learners who always strive to do their best.  We are working hard at becoming the mathematicians, authors, scientist, artists, musicians, Olympians, politicians, doctors, etc. of the future.  We love to investigate and explore all areas of the curriculum.


This term (Spring 2) we will be studying the book ‘Promise’ by Nicola Davies and use it to support our writing and whole class reading.


We are very excited about the upcoming Science Week when we will be growing our own garden and becoming super tasters.  In Geography we will be testing our knowledge on volcanoes and create some active volcanoes.


Our Design and Technology will support our Science as we will be building greenhouses using recycling material. 


Spring 2 will be a busy term but we are looking forward to enhance our knowledge and grow in knowledgeable young citizens.