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Year 3

We have had an incredible start to the year. In our lively cohort, you will find excited, enthusiastic and resilient learners. We try our best in all we do and are working hard to be the best we can be. We are fearless explores, researches and love to challenge ourselves. We always strive for our best.

 We are enjoying our immersion into our new text ‘Cinderella of the Nile’ by Beverley Naidoo which is set in Ancient Egypt! It is rich in traditional fairy tale themes, and in Ancient Egyptian culture. It even includes some of Aesop’s fables. This learning journey will inspire us to write our own versions of the Cinderella story.

We have also become good mathematicians through our understanding of number place value, and the many number facts and patterns we have found through investigation.

 Being in Year 3 has come with its hurdles and challenges due to the restrictions we’ve had in the previous two years, but we are ready to take on anything by supporting each other, trying our best and never giving up.

We dream. We think. We persevere.

Below, you see what we will be learning this half-term, as well as some activities you can be doing at home.

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