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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.

This is our first Year in Key Stage 2 and we are very excited about all the learning opportunities that will arise. Throughout the year we will build our resilience, independence, curiosity and creativity by continually challenging ourselves with our learning.

During the year the children will access high quality texts in our English learning journeys. The children will be provided with speaking frames and sentence stems to develop their oracy skills. Reading practice sessions will continue three times a week focusing on decoding, prosody and comprehension. Children will have the opportunity to visit the school library weekly and select a book of their choice to enjoy at home.

As mathematicians, we will develop our understanding of place value to further support us with other areas of the math’s curriculum such as the four operations.  

As musicians, we will have the exciting opportunity to explore and play either the djembe or ukulele. This will be delivered by professional musicians.

Children will have weekly PE sessions both indoor and outdoor that will develop their skills across a range of sports. They will develop their teamwork and cooperation skills by taking part in games and mini-tournaments.

We are looking forward to our journey in Year 3 and seeing how the children succeed with their learning and own personal growth.   

Year 3 Home Learning Autumn 1 2023

Year 3 Home Learning Autumn 2 2023

 Year 3 Home Learning Spring 1 2024

 Year 3 Home Learning Spring 2 2024

Year 3 Home Learning Summer 1 2024