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Year 4

Welcome to our year 4 class web page. We are an innovative and inquisitive year group. We are robust, higher order thinkers, who always endeavour to put our best effort into our learning. 

We are eager about all our subjects. In maths, we are developing our in-depth study of number and place value as we continue to apply our understanding of addition and subtraction of whole numbers of more than two digits. Showing our evidence of understanding through the use of place value cards, number lines, and bar charts.

 In English we are following important world issues through the book “The Vanishing Rainforest”, written by Richard Platt. The text is an evocative choice for children to understand the real danger to the planet and to develop an understanding towards their own actions to address these real problems. The children will get a great understanding of the rainforest through reviewing the David Attenborough documentaries, breaking down its content to study the gramma.  Children will also explore the poem “There’s a Ran-Tan in my bedroom” describing how animal’s welfare and habitats are being destroyed through the production of palm oil.


In Science we are enjoying learning about sound. Our lessons are based on experimenting and thinking about the challenges we need to overcome to become the best scientists. We have already explored ways on how sound is produced, how it travels and answered scientific questions based on our findings. 

In the space below, there is more detail about what we will be learning this half term, there are also activities that we can carry out at home to help us become more independent learners.


Below, you see what we will be learning this half-term, as well as some activities you can be doing at home.



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