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Year 5

Thank you for visiting our year 5 class web page. We are a creative and curious year group. We are resilient, higher order thinkers, who always endeavour to put our best effort into our learning.

We are enthusiastic about all our subjects. In maths, we will be recapping on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Then moving onto studying perimeter and area of rectilinear and compound shapes. Following this we will study and apply the formal written method of short and long multiplication and division to real life problems.

In English we will be following a high quality learning journey. Our book focus this term will be Macbeth. We will begin to establish and sequence the key events in the story. We will look at how Shakespeare uses emotive and figurative language and identify these in his text. We will begin to understand how the writer helps the reader to empathise with the main characters and uses precise details to help the reader visualise the historical setting. We will also begin to understand the thoughts and feelings of the main characters, during key events in the story, using literal and inferred evidence in the text.

We will be creating a deep understanding of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and their motives behind their actions. We will write a letter in character as Lady Macbeth, using historical accuracy and Shakespearian language. We will conclude our study of the text by writing our answer to our debate question, ‘Who was more to blame for the king’s death, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth or both?’

In Science we will be studying ‘Gravity as a force’. Our journey will begin by looking at what the concept of Gravity is and how (and by whom) it was discovered. We will complete some scientific experiments based on the use of gravity to discover if gravity can be defied. 

In Geography we will be studying the journey of a river. We will begin by looking at some of the most famous rivers around the world such as the River Thames, the Nile and The Amazon River. We will use David Attenborough’s Planet Earth programme to break down and follow the journey of the river through all three courses. We will discover how a journey begins, travels and eventually joins/becomes part of the sea.

In Art we will study the works of Caravaggio. We will learn how his personal life was reflected in his paintings and what meaning was behind each piece of art. We will practice and refine our skills of using Caravaggio’s style of painting to create our own works of art which will reflect significant scene from the Shakespearian play, Macbeth.

In the space below, there is more detail about what we will be learning this half term, there are also activities that we can carry out at home to help us become more independent learners.


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