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Staff Area

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, a cohort of enthusiastic and energetic learners who always try their best!


We are developing ourselves as Mathematicians, Scientists, Writers, Artists and Historians (and many more) of the future. We enjoy our learning and take pride in what we do in every subject. We are continually developing our ability to be independent learners. Self-assessment is something which we have been working on this year. For example, we work together to identify our errors and misconceptions in Maths, and to read, edit and improve our writing.


We understand the importance of dialogue in our learning and you will see a lot of learning talk when you come into our classroom, as we are developing our ability to articulate our thoughts coherently as well as actively listening and responding to others.


This academic year, Reading for Pleasure was introduced to our timetable, which we have really been enjoying. We love immersing ourselves a good book of our choice in a calm, quiet and relaxing environment. Currently, we are trying to broaden our reading interests, but we still love to come back to our favourites every once in a while! 15 minutes dedicated to this each day is important to us.