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Year 5

Thank you for visiting our year 5 class web page. We are a creative and curious year group, We are resilient, higher order thinkers, who always endeavour to put our best effort into our learning. We are enthusiastic about all our subjects. In maths, we are developing our in-depth study of number and place value as we continue to apply our understanding of addition and subtraction of whole numbers of more than four digits. We use an investigative approach in our learning with mastery and depth of understanding as we deepen our knowledge of multiplication and division by exploring and developing our knowledge and understanding of factors, multiples and prime numbers, as well as squared and cubed numbers

 In English we are following a high quality learning journey, this is carried out creatively to include our learning of Greek Mythology and history. We are reading about a young “half blood” called Percy Jackson in “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief”, this is the first in Rick Riordan’s Greek adventure series. This text has helped us make progress with our creative writing skills, as we develop our very own “quest”. We are using our grammatical learning to include relative clauses, adverbial phrases, fronted adverbials etc. to improve our style of writing. Reading the text has also been very engaging for us, and some of us have even started reading some of the other books in the series in our own time as well as other great books based on Greek mythology. We have a special time for “Reading for pleasure” every day which also gives us more opportunity to improve our vocabulary via reading.

In Science we have enjoyed learning about the Earth, the moon the sun and how they are connected via the solar system thus affecting our seasons etc. We have used sun dials to help us understand how the Earth’s orbit around the sun and rotation its own axis helps us to tell the time. We have now started learning about Forces. We will be exploring gravity, air resistance, friction, balancing force, weight and resistance.

 In the space below, there is more detail about what we will be learning this half term, there are also activities that we can carry out at home to help us become more independent learners.


Below, you see what we will be learning this half-term, as well as some activities you can be doing at home.


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