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Geography Vision Statement


From the moment we are born, we are designed to discover, explore and interpret the world around us; we strive to build on this and create a child’s lifelong thirst for discovery through Geography at Linton Mead.

We believe that, more than ever, we have a responsibility to our planet to create a sustainable environment and to show our children how to contribute to building a better world. We can do this by introducing the children to the idea that they are part of a much bigger picture, and that they too can make a difference by being aware of how the world works and their influence.

Using a range of maps (both digital and paper), atlases and globes, we open up the world to curious minds, which helps to develop a meaning to looking after their surroundings; shaping their identity and uniting with others. We encourage questions that stimulate creative thinking and allow an integrative and holistic approach to enquiry.

From the Early Years, all the way through to Year 6, we take the children out into the field to experience geographical skills as they should be, embedding analytical skill and fostering an interaction between physical and human geography. First-hand experience of this multi-faceted subject offers children the opportunity to see their enquiry planning in action and ignite their sense of awe and wonder.