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History Vision Statement

We believe that learning about significant events and people in History should lay the foundations for an inquisitive and questioning mind. History at Linton Mead is not solely fact and knowledge based: they will build on this to enquire and make connections with the impact certain events had on decisions. They will discover catalysts for choices and decisions that proved to be significant turning points. Children will see links between religion, art, politics and geography through the study of history and begin, as historians, to identify turning points in historical outcomes and events. Children will be inspired, curious, encouraged to ask critical questions, to have a better understanding of the society in which they live and that of the wider world.


We will teach children the skills to be a good historian; how to research and gather information, develop their skills of enquiry and analysis as well as starting to question information gathered and its reliability. We will enhance historical learning through real life experience, regalia, visits and reliable sources.


Please click here to view our History policy.


What makes a Historian at Linton Mead?

At Linton Mead, we believe the knowledge and retention of factual historical information is crucial. We have designed the curriculum to ensure that children have the opportunity to build on prior knowledge and makes links throughout their historical careers. In addition to that, we strongly believe that children should know what it means to be an historian, and what skills they need to unlock the truth and to decide what evidence is useful. We have a document which teachers share with the children in class: 'What makes an historian in year....?' This helps our children on the journey towards this. 


Click here to access our document, What makes a historian?


History coverage at Linton Mead

You can access the Primary National Curriculum for History by clicking this link.


Please click the link below to access the History Curriculum Overview where you can find out more about what your child will learn in History.

History Curriculum Overview

 What has been happening in class so far this year?

Year 5 have really dug deep into Historical enquiry, exploring a number of sources to decide who was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. They used sources such as official attendance lists from the National Archives, in addition to photographs and a number of other items to piece the puzzle together. Take a look at the journey they went on to be historians and evaluate the evidence!

 History in Year 5     History in Year 5


Suggested websites

Here are some suggested websites to support your child to continue to be a historian at home. 

History for Kids


History for kids


 The website is packed with articles, worksheets and even a quiz on each section. You will find cool games, videos, worksheets on many historical events that will help you understand those that have gone before us.

BBC History for Kids



Enter ancient worlds, meet famous people and discover fascinating facts by exploring a wide selection of historical games and activities.


National Maritime Museum 



Explore Greenwich’s maritime museum through their interactive website.


BBC Bitesize - History



Learner guides, video clips, games and revision for every aspect of KS1 and KS2 History. 

Teaching History with 100 Objects



One hundred objects from museums across the UK with resources, information and teaching ideas to inspire your students’ interest in history.