Staff Area

Staff Area

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Our Core Priorities

A1 Accelerate the progress of all children across the school with a particular focus on KS1 to KS2

A2 Raise attainment in reading for all children in reading with a specific focus on progress and attainment in phonics

A3 Design, implement and embed a concept - based curriculum

 A4 Ensure that the curriculum enables children to explore their roles as members of the Global Community

A5 Our children to have a stronger sense of autonomy, being capable of choice and having raised intrinsic motivation. Our children know what to do to achieve. Our children know and see the value of learning

A6 Ensure all leaders, including middle leaders, have a direct impact on raised progress and attainment of all children across the whole curriculum

A7 Ensure consistency of environment and approach across all of the Foundation Stage teaching and learning areas with a particular focus on progress in phonics and reading