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Staff Area

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School Development Plan 18.19

Priorities of this plan:

These priorities form the school development plan. The SDP lays out each priority and the actions and success criteria needed for each.

Our School Priorities are:



Further build and develop the capacity of the leadership of the school



Further develop partnerships with parents and the community, local schools, Goldsmiths University and the Let’s Think network, parents, Robinson Jackson and development of the learning community at Linton Mead, including delivery of training.


Pupils to meet age related expectations in Reading, Writing, Maths, Phonics and GLD with a significant number achieving the greater depth standard.


To review and redesign the creative curriculum at Linton Mead.



To continue to develop our children into ‘thinkers’, building their emotional literacy, resilience and sense of personal responsibility both locally and globally. Promote thoughtful and wide-ranging learning opportunities for our children to develop, spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and physically including understanding our British Values.




All children to meet expected levels with a significant number of children exceeding age related expectations.



To ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in all lessons is good with a significant increase in the number of outstanding lessons.