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Aims, Values and Ethos

'Dream. Think. Persevere'

The teaching and learning ethos at Linton Mead

 At Linton Mead, we believe in providing a creative, stimulating and challenging curriculum where our children feel safe to take risks. We believe in helping children develop their resilience and preparing them for a successful, happy life. We believe in our children becoming higher order thinkers and problem solvers who have strong autonomy and control over their actions and choices. Our curriculum reflects this: we use an investigative approach to maths learning with mastery and depth of understanding being paramount. We plan high quality English learning journeys including reading  based on use of high quality texts, talk, higher order questioning, modelling and scaffolding; our science is focussed around enquiry; our creative curriculum is based on challenge and quality learning experiences; we invest in quality learning in music, drama, art and PE

At the heart of everything we do is the determination that every child in our community will succeed to the best of their abilities and achieve their dreams.