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Spring Term Exhibitions

For the past four years, we have developed a tradition of an annual whole-school project. The outcome of the project is an exhibition of the children’s achievements in our school atrium.

The purpose of our projects

To display as beautifully as possible the learning journeys our children from nursery to year 6 have been on for the Spring term. The exhibition is then shared with our parents and carers and members of our community including esteemed guests and the local authority during an exhibition evening. The children present to our guests through dramatic performance what that the learning demonstrates and how it came to be.

The rationale behind the projects

 Like all schools, we want to aim for quality purpose and depth of learning experiences. By presenting their learning in this way the children are able to explore the beauty behind learning and their creations. What is more, we are committed to working closely with creative partnerships so our projects are always rooted in collaboration with an inspiring creative partner.

 The projects

 2017: ‘Polar Worlds: Extreme Survival’

Our first project was inspired by a visit from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and the Heritage Trust who were looking for a primary school to collaborate with. The museum had secured funding for four new galleries. One of which is a ‘Polar Worlds’ gallery. They wanted the school to contribute to their ‘Extreme Survival’ project whereby our year 2 children worked with an artist to create a polar landscape and our year 4 children worked with a storyteller to create labels for artefacts. Their creations are now permanently exhibited in the gallery. Please click on the slide show below to see photos of this exhibition.


2018: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Following training with the Royal Shakespeare Company, our next project was around Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Again, the school was transformed. Reception went on a ‘Fairy Hunt’; Puck infiltrated nursery and year 5 children created discursive pieces on the arguable parallel between Titania and Queen Elizabeth I.

2019: Leon and the Place Between and the Library of Everything’.

Last year, we collaborated with ‘Punchdrunk Theatre Company’. This was transformative in our school in terms of the experiences and the inspiration it gave the children. This collaboration inspired last year’s exhibition where the teachers also used the stunning book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ to design our Spring term learning.

2020: 'Life at Sea: a Nautical Celebration'.

This is our new exhibition! Watch this space for more images.