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Year 4H

Year 4H is a class of energetic, enthusiastic learners who always strive to do their best and achieve higher every day. We are developing into writers, mathematicians, artists, musicians, etc. and love to explore and investigate all subject areas.  To start the year off, we studied the book ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne and used the text the support all subject areas.  To celebrate our learning, we created a display to show the different subject areas covered by our learning.

In History we studied the Tudors and had an amazing opportunity to visit the Tower of London where we met some of the ‘Beefeaters’, and other characters. We also saw the Queen’s Crown with all the sparkly diamonds and jewels but the best of all was to see the crown Prince George will one day wear when he becomes King.

We are looking forward to our new whole school topic for the Spring term.