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Staff Area

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Friday 4th September 2020


We are looking forward to welcoming all children back tomorrow. Information regarding start and finish times, arrival and collection gates, and any other information you may need, can be found on the email you will have received. This can also be accessed via the school website under Parents - Full School Opening.

Children, we can't wait to see you and are looking forward to your smiles brightening up the school once again!


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Funky Friday

We have such fun making these videos, we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoying creating them!


Happy Friday

Another one to make you smile.


Friday Fun day

We miss you all and hope that this video makes you smile as much as it did us! You can find also find this video on Facebook and on Twitter (@LintonMeadSch).


Spreading Smiles 

The school is just not the same without you. Children, you fill the school with happiness, smiles, laughter, friendship and kindness. When the time is right we can not wait to see you. You can find also find this video on Facebook and on Twitter (@LintonMeadSch).


New Challenge: The Photo Challenge

We have been working hard on a new challenge to help you spread your smiles. You can find the results below, on Facebook and on Twitter (@LintonMeadSch). Children, now it is your turn to accept a challenge. When you have finished watching the video try having a go at creating your own picture. We would really love to see as many as possible. Send your pictures to


A special video for our children

We have been working hard this week to create a video for the children. You can view the video below, on Facebook (just search for Linton Mead Primary School), and via Twitter at Linton Mead Primary School (@LintonMeadSch). Please do take a look and share with your friends.