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Year 1

We are excited to watch the children transition from EYFS into KS1 and develop both personally and academically.

Throughout the year, the children will engage in a number of tasks with curiosity and enthusiasm across the curriculum, which will increase their resilience and determination. They will explore and ask questions to enable them to become higher order thinkers during their learning journeys.

Resources will be accessible for the children to use freely during their learning, which will hugely increase their independence in completing work. They will be shown a number of strategies to solve problems, and then be able to select which best suites them.

During year 1, the children will embark on a number of English learning journeys, this will enhance their vocabulary, comprehension and love of reading! They will develop reading skills to enable them to decode and read words. This will result in them enjoying books by themselves, as well as sharing books with their peers. These skills are vital and will underpin the rest of the curriculum by enabling them to access and succeed.

Year 1 Home Learning Autumn 1 2023

Year 1 Home Learning Autumn 2 2023

Year 1 Home Learning Spring 2024

Year 1 Home Learning Spring 2 2024

Year 1 Home Learning Summer 2024