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Year 6

Welcome to our year 6 classroom page.

This year we aim to make fantastic memories, which will last a lifetime. Our children will focus on developing their mathematical skills and enhancing their writing techniques through invigorating and challenging learning journeys. We will study adventure texts such as Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker and a short animation such as Alma. We will expect every child to begin every lesson with a positive attitude and to demonstrate their best effort to ensure they reach their full potential.

Year 6 is a key moment in your child’s life; they will develop more independence, a huge amount of resilience and, most importantly, they should become very aware of who they are as both learners and as young adults.

As well as working extremely hard, to ensure our children have the best possible start in year 7 we aim to create long lasting memories. We are extremely excited about our year 6 School Journey, which will take place in June, and it will be a great opportunity for them to build their confidence and positive approach when faced with new challenges. We also have many exciting trips and activities planned for after SATs and we know these experiences will be remembered forever.

As this is their final year in Primary School, your children will have to complete the end of KS2 Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) during the month of May. It will have a significant positive impact on your child’s progress if you could ensure that they read daily, learn and know their times tables and are able to spell the majority of the words on the Year5/6 spelling list (which is attached to your Home Learning Letter).

Year 6 is often met with both excitement at knowing it is the end of one journey and the apprehension of beginning another. Being in year 6 can be the most memorable time in your child’s primary education and together we will ensure your child has all the necessary skills to allow them to enter the next phase of their academic career with confidence and determination for success.

We are extremely excited about teaching your child this year and sharing in all the wonderful memories we know they are going to make.

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