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Year 6

In Year 6 we pride ourselves on being forward thinkers, on using initiative and on being resilient in order to be prepared for secondary school next year. We are becoming increasingly more collaborative, sharing ideas and developing our ideas across a number of subjects. We are motivated, driven and tireless in our efforts to achieve as much as we can.


We have been studying a great range of texts this year and are producing a range of writing which showcases our ability to write for purpose and audience. Beginning with a monologue as Katniss Everdeen from ‘The Hunger Games’, we have since been ‘Assassins’ and have focused hugely on the impact of plastic on the war against Climate Change. Writing our own documentaries as David Attenborough, we hope our voices will be heard on this matter. More recently we have explored Queen Elizabeth I and her role as a female monarch in a time of female subordination, writing about her odds to be successful and then linking her life to Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’.


We are becoming avid Historians and Geographers: we know why England won the Armada and the politics around Queen Elizabeth’s rule; we know an extensive amount about the impact climate change is having globally, as well as locally’ we are starting to know about the history of Thamesmead’s Geography. In RE, we are becoming expert in listening to one other and learning about different faiths, leading to our current topic of ‘life’s journey’. We will be required to think deeply and show empathy and reason when tackling difficult concepts. We are becoming skilled artists and designers which we hope to showcase at its fullest in the summer term.